The Big Blue Nation's MSA

Established 1971

Here in Wildcat country we take pride in our MSA. We aim to do three main things, build brotherhood and sisterhood, learn and teach about Islam, and serve the community all while having fun! Alhumdullilah we have been doing that for the last 45 years! In this page you can learn more about what our MSA does in terms of events and community service. As always we try to make the organization better and better every year. If you have an idea for a social event, you can contact our Social Chair Areej Saeed. If you want to volunteer at an organization that we haven't worked with before, you can contact our Community Service Chair Heba Boustany. If you have an idea for a halaqa themes or a book for our book club, you can contact our Halaqa Chair Muneeb Haroon. If you really want to get involved with the board and planning our events, apply to one of our committees!

Below is a recap of our 2015-2016 year.

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Past Events

Social Events

We host a wide variety of social events throughout the year to encourage an environment of brotherhood and sisterhood. Below you will find a couple of the social events we put on this year.

Big Speakers

Each year our MSA recruits incredible speakers to re-kindle faith on campus and provide students with invaluable knowledge. Alhumdulillah we have been consistently bringing one speaker to campus per semester. We are always trying to bring in new faces and perspectives. Here's some of the big names that we've brought.

Islamic Awareness Week

As members of the same community at UK, it is our duty to overcome the demonizing stigmas against our identities if we want to strive towards a stable progressive society. The rise of Islamophobia has contributed to a culture of violence against Muslims that has shown concrete and destructive ramifications. Islamic Awareness Week is about reconstructing the perception of Islam with a foundation rooted in Islam's basic moral principles - love and peace.

Some of the activities that take place during the week are tabling events, panels, and community service opportunities. During IAW we made it on to the campus Snapchat story and reached out to over 7000 people! The UK MSA hopes the activities of the week will help bring us closer to establishing more unified community on campus.

Community Service

The MSA of UK strives to give back to the Lexington community. Over the course of the last year, our MSA has logged nearly 600 hours of community service. We pack and distribute over 250 meals per month through the community-run Share Center. In addition to the Share Center, the MSA provides members with the opportunity to volunteer with local organizations such as Seadleaf, Habitat for Humanity, American Breast Cancer Foundation, God’s Pantry, the Hope Center, Wrap Up America, Stop Hunger Now, Students For Syria, Lexington Universal Academy, Martin Luther King Center, and the Share Center.

Share Center

The SHARE Center is an organization created by Muslims for the Lexington Community. While there are many programs offered by the SHARE Center, the MSA works intimately with two of them. The first of the two is a hot lunch offered to those who need it every other Saturday of the month. The second project is a free health clinic that offers several services including check up's, referrals, etc. Several volunteers will be needed throughout the year for both of these projects.

LUA Tutoring

Once a week, a group of MSA members tutor 3rd-6th grade students in subjects like math and science at the local Islamic school. Many of these student's test scores have dramatically increased throughout their involvement in the program. This is also a great way to contribute to the Lexington Muslim Community!

Hope Center Dinner

During the first Monday of every month many MSA members serve dinner at the HOPE Center. This organization is a social service program that provides meals, shelter, clothing, etc. to those who need them. This is an extremely rewarding experience that we hope you will take advantage of.

Monthly Service Project

Every month a service project is coordinated to help better the Lexington Community. The MSA has volunteered with several organizations, these include: Habitat for Humanity, Seed Leaf, God's Pantry, and many more.


The MSA of UK strives to increase the spirituality, faith, and knowledge of each of its members and the entire campus. We do this through Halaqas throughout the year, where we listen to lectures, participate in discussions, and socialize with our fellow members. Past Halaqas have been centered on the Story of Yusuf and Increasing our Iman, and are often discussion based. The aim of the Halaqas is to help foster each persons individual journey to become the best person they can be, which will ultimately lead to a better world.